Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sir Alan Sugar, YOU'RE FIRED!

I can say with passion that I am no longer engaged with the BBC's hit television programme The Apprentice.

This show, once a watchable, proper business orientated programme has now turned into a Big Brother style trash TV programme which only seems to focus on the cynical, backbiting nature of the contestants. Frankly, most of the contestants turn out to be delusional two-faced phonies. They make me sick. They smear the reputation of business and popular capitalism. Most entrepreneurs don't behave in the way those idiots do. They ought to hang their heads in shame, especially when they end up watching themselves on television (or maybe even not - goodness do they come to common sense after all?!).

Most people find it entertaining to watch them. Frankly, I see those contestants' behaviour as provocative in the sense that I end up shouting at the television and deride them for what utter crooks they make of themselves.

And as for Sir Alan Sugar, or Lord Sugar. His decision to back Gordon Brown by becoming a Labour peer in the dying days of the immoral Labour Government made me lose lots of respect for the man). How can any business person back a political party that says no to aspiration for entrepreneurs and yes to more unwelcoming taxes? That is not a winning formula for economic growth and bringing a country out of recession. Sir Alan's lost it. And I think he must accept that his programme's reputation as a watchable, moderate and respected business orientated programme has dipped dramatically. So on this basis, Sir're fired.

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