Friday, June 4, 2010

Scotland still has a problem with racism and...

Who's "we'll" Iain? I don't share your toxic opinion even though I'm also Scottish. I also do not want to ever share your opinion and completely condemn your opinion which is not just wrong but is filled with sickening hatred, contempt and prejudice. 

Iain Emerson does not speak for the people of Scotland as a whole but in truth he only speaks for what sadly is a significant group of people (hopefully not a majority north of the border) who will be going out to pubs, clubs, entertainment hotspots and friends homes to cheer and celebrate when England are losing or when England lose. There's one simple word to describe this: sad.

If you go onto YouTube you will find evidence of people north of the border celebrating on the streets of Scotland's major cities at specific times when England lose or get knocked out of major tournaments. The one example that comes to mind is a series of videos featuring drunken bigots celebrating on Union Street in Aberdeen when England are knocked out of the last World Cup.

Those yobs dislike the English because simply they are not Scottish. They dislike the English because they feel "their country is being invaded". They dislike the English because they're jealous of the fact that England is the bigger country, the main constituent country of the United Kingdom and has more money and resources. Is it any wonder Scotland still has a problem when it comes to prejudice against other people? A friend of mine thinks its just down to xenophobia. To an extent, that is true but I think this anti-English prejudice exhibited by some up here is racist.
There was also a recent case when a shop in Aberdeen was selling a t-shirt with the phrase "ABE" printed on the front of them (standing for Anyone But England). Again that is offensive. But its not just the fact its offensive, it sums up the big problem that still continues to smear Scotland's reputation as a country. The "them and us" attitude that is still exhibited by people up here. The self-pity, self-defeatist and even in some parts stuck up attitude that exists amongst many people in Scotland. Is it any wonder I want to get out of my own country and head down south in the future? 

I can reassure my friends from England and people who are from England reading this that as a Scotsman, I will be supporting my fellow Britons and cheering them on and hoping like the whole of England that Fabio Capello's men lift the World Cup and clinch England's first World Cup since 1966. As former Shadow Scottish Secretary, David Mundell MP, once said (at the Scottish Conservative conference in Perth earlier this year): "The great thing about England winning the World Cup this year is that we will not have to hear 1966 again!"
And if England do win then be reassured that I'll be loving the press coverage of England's victory, even if it does go on for weeks. COME ON ENGLAND!

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