Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I got very angry tonight...

...with a left-winger's comments for passionately stating that he wanted PR so that the Conservatives would never get back into office and that the centre-left would continue to govern this country by implementing their socialist principles. The nature of this person's comments was sickening.

I tried hard not to respond but I couldn't resist getting the ball over the net and putting it on his side of the court. He said:

"Any system that permanently keeps the Tories out of power gets my vote.
As the great Nye Bevan said, our aim should be the total eradication of the Tory Party.

That was the dream of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell as they planned the New Labour project in the 1990s.

Blair spoke of the defeat of the "forces of conservatism" in his 1999 speech.
The 2010 election, which we lost thanks to the treachery of the Liberals, was a setback - but I believe our goal is near. With PR, we can ensure a permanent centre-left majority that will implement the final stages of radical, consensual, universal scientific socialism in this country.

History teaches us that progress can never be stopped despite setbacks.
Together we can build a future fair for all once capitalism and the forces of conservatism have been eliminated for good."

I responded:

"The centre-left are totally responsible for allowing this country to put itself in the economic and social mess that David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been left to deal with now. Your cheap, cynical and shambolic politics in wanting PR to keep the Conservatives out is an absolute disgrace and your attitude crystallises the disgusting attitude Labour politicians have for the ordinary man and woman in our country. Do you know why David Cameron was such a breath of fresh air at PMQ's yesterday? Because he answered the questions with honesty and never gave textbook answers. He will govern this country and treat everyone with respect and treat people like people. He will not go down Labour's route of treating people like numbers on a state database. Socialism is the reason why the UK has been held back for decades and the centre-left's democracy-phobic, anti-aspirational economic policies and complete disregard for the ordinary people of this country is going to be exposed by this coalition and then people will wake up and find out why Labour can never be trusted with running a country for at least a generation."

I am sick and tired of activists and politicians who continue to drop down to such lows and make statements which are half-baked and lack any credibility. The left NEVER learn do they?

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