Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Labour's attitude towards marriage... nothing short of offensive.

Is it any wonder British society is in such a sorry state at this current time? My complete and utter shock and condemnation of Labour's attitude was reinforced today at the first Prime Minister Questions of this parliament. Harriet Harman, acting leader of the Labour party, described the Conservative party propsoal of introducing tax breaks for married couples as a "married man's tax".

How dare she label the proposal as stated above. It is not a married man's tax. It is a tax break that rewards married couples (both the man and the woman) for doing the correct thing. Marriage brings stability to the family. Stable families ultimately create a more stable society. Her party's attitude towards marriage is simply immoral. Immoral because they have cheapened the institution in the thirteen long years they were in office and continue to do so today. When will Labour stop disregarding the instituion of marriage and stop insulting the millions of married couples who have worked hard on their marriages and bringing up of their families and start accepting that it is moral for the tax system to reward married couples for doing the right thing not just for their families but overall for society?

British society is broken. Some young people emerge from their families lost and end up in the wrong places in life - why? One of the reasons is because of a lack of direction given to them in life. That could well be because they didn't have a mother and/or father to look up to in life. Marriage is a serious commitment and such commitment is not made easily. It does fail in some cases. But in most it suceeds and the couple's determination to stick to that commitment made between each other is good for the family and therefore good for the upbringing of their children so that their young ones have the direction in life to do the right thing in future and be a success in education and in their future careers.

Labour must stop degrading marriage and start appreciating its benefits. David Cameron is very right in championing his cause for the institution to be recognised in the tax system. And as for Harriet - she had better stop showing off her offensive attitude towards men. How on earth can she stand up at the dispatch box and continue to behave with such contempt? Hasn't her husband stopped her and questioned why she continues to portray a sexist attitude towards men? Shame on her. And shame on her husband for putting up with it.

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